Simple, Accessible, Professional, Compliant.

There are many positives to being an independent contractor or consultant. You are in business for yourself, you have the freedom to choose when and where you work, and you’re in control of your work outcomes. But sometimes, it can feel like all the day-to-day responsibilities and administration can get in the way of you doing the real work and making an income.

Invoicing, receipting payments, and taking care of your taxes and expenses all takes time, and this paperwork is tedious and unproductive - let’s face it, there are better ways to spend your time.

The Certica system is simple and cost-effective and you can manage it over the phone or online. In fact, it could actually increase your income by enabling you to save time on administrative tasks.

  • Simplicity

    • Reduce, if not eliminate, your administration requirements
    • We manage so you don’t have to.
  • Tax Management

    • Have tax and/or Superannuation Guarantee withheld from each payment and remitted to the ATO on your behalf
    • Simplify GST management
  • Cash Flow

    • Keep track of your finances without the need for an accounting package.
    • Meet your expenses as you get paid.
    • Never be caught by surprise
  • Invoicing

    • Invoice your client the moment you finish a job.
    • Lodge invoices over the phone or online.
    • Produce invoices that are professional and easy to understand.
  • Insurances

    • Access group Public Liability and Income Protection insurance
    • No upfront costs, simply pay as you use
  • Payment

    • Instantly accept BPAY and credit card payments
    • No set-up or merchant facilities required
    • Offer additional payment methods to your clients.
  • Reporting

    • See in real time when you get paid.
    • Instant online reporting of your debtors.
    • Access to earning reporting, including tax reports and income statements.